Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Spell for the New Year

I read this spell on 'A Bad Witch's Blog' and I liked it so much I decided to adapt it for my own and write about it here. This spell is designed to be done before Twelfth Night (The last night of the 12 Days of Christmas). This year, Twelfth Night is on January 5th, so if you want to do this spell also, you better get cracking. lol
The Blog I read it on described the spells as a Spell "for New Year luck and its purpose is to let you give yourself a gift of good fortune to carry forward to the year ahead."
  • The first thing you need to do for this spell is to think of something your really want for the new year.
Ex: A New Home, A Good Job, Love, Success in a Project, Money, etc.

I actually did my spell in 3 parts (meaning I made 3 separate wishes that were all tied to the same goal.) But I am not going to say exactly what my goal is because I feel that wishes and spells should not be talked about too much in fear that they gather outside interference.
  • Pick something (an object picture) that symbolizes your wish.
Ex: Pink Quartz Heart for Love, a Paintbrush for an Art Project, a Pen for Writing, a House (picture or toy) for a New Home, a Coin for Money, etc.
  • Take the object you picked and wrap it up with some tissue paper or wrapping paper and ribbon. 
I chose tissue paper and ribbon that also corresponded to my overall goal, but that is not a requirement. I just thought the spell would be a bit more powerful that way.

  • Hold your present and ask the powers of the New Year and January (month of new beginnings) to bless your desire and grant your wish.
  • Take your gift and place it in your desk drawer, carry it in your bag, place it under your pillow or put it somewhere important. Look at your present every time you need an extra boost to your goal.
  • When you feel that the time is right (after your wish has been granted), you can open your gift.
Here is my Wrapped Wish
I placed it on my alter because that is where I like to put all my 'in progress' spells. That way I can give them a boost of energy every time I see them.