Thursday, August 11, 2011

Welcome and Introduction

Hello, I am Kat and this is my introduction blog.
Welcome to my Book Of Shadows.

I plan on using this blog to post about my adventures in all things Wicca and Magic. I have been practicing Wicca for a few years, but I am constantly learning more and I would like to share that with you.
I ask that you all keep an open mind, and if you find anything offensive or disagreeable, please stop reading my blog. Thank you
For those of you who choose to stay I will post about things that interest me. I am mostly interested in the Sabbaths and the foods associated with them, Symbols, Books, and last but certainly not the least is Handfasting. I am getting Handfasted to my partner of 6 years on September 16th 2011 and I will probably be blogging a lot about that because I am immersed in the preparations for it. Future blogs to come include the Handfasting Cord, Jumping the Broom, a List of books I read/use, etc.
I look forward to writing this blog, and I hope you look forward to reading it.
Blessed Be

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  1. Blessed Be! I 'stumbled' to your site via the cute black kitten pawing a calendar date. My mate and I are practitioners if the Craft of the Wise. I am a Wiccan while he is a Necromancer. Light to Dark, Yin to Yang, that sort of thing. I have been practicing for about 20 years now; my mate about 15 (he's 9 years younger than I) Currently, I have a blogspot as well: how do I follow yours so I can get more info and awesome advice?