Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My Altar

I realized that I have never posted a picture of my altar, and when I was taking some pictures for my last blog post, I decided to take a few pictures of my altar to share.
My altar takes up the top of my short Bookcase (that holds most of my Magic Books) in my bedroom. And as you can see I have acquired a lot of magical items for my altar... though it is not finished yet. In fact I do not believe my altar will ever be finished because my altar is like me... Ever changing and evolving.
As you can see, my altar is not just a flat surface either, I have also taken up the wall above and next to my altar as well.
Pardon the busyness of my altar. I have multiple spells in the works on my altar, so it's a bit crowded at the moment. lol
Some of the items I have on my altar are:
  • Cauldron
  • Wand
  • Mortar and Pestle
  • Crystal Ball
  • Candles
  • Wheel of the Year
  • Incense Burners
  • Cat Statue for the Maiden
  • Cat Statue for the Mother
  • Cat Statue for the Crone
  • My Partner's and My Handfasting Cord
  • A Dry Rose form our Handfasting Ceremony
  • A Pendulum 
  • My Lucky Bamboo (That is at least 6 years old)
  • And so much more...
I will continue to add and replace items on my altar for the rest of my life. I also store my favorite pentacle necklace on my altar while I am sleeping. It helps the magic recharge overnight.

I hope you all enjoyed the insight to my magical world. I really love my altar. I hope that one day I can move it to a larger place that is close to a window so the light of the moon can shine down on it.


  1. Pretty! And I like the 'clutter'; lots of things that are important to you all in one place! <3!

  2. I just wish I had a bigger altar so I could spread things out a little more.