Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving On To A Better Life

I was watching a video on YouTube that I would like to share with you all. Even if you are not Wiccan or do not believe in Magic, I urge you all to watch this video and really pay attention. CharmingPixieFlora has a lot to say about moving on from bad situations and finding a better/happier life. And not playing the victim.
The beginning of the video may be a little confusing for non-pagans because she is talking about light and dark magic, but it's the underlying message I want you all to hear. The message of not running away from your problems because they will follow you. You have to face your problems and work through them in order to move on from them and leave it all behind.
Please Watch:
If that video didn't change you in the slightest bit, then please watch it again and pay attention.
Thank you all and have a wonderful day!
Blessed Be!

Monday, March 19, 2012


Ostara (o-STAHR-uh) takes place March 20th –March 21st  
        Also known as Spring Equinox, Vernal Equinox, Lady Day, Alban Eiler, ‘Easter’, the March Equinox, Eostre, Bacchanalia, “the rites of spring”, Egg Day,
        Day and Night are perfectly balanced at this time, and from this day until the Summer Solstice, the days will start getting longer, and the light will become stronger. The Sun God (born at Yule) is now fully grown and marries the Maiden Aspect of the Goddess. The Goddess conceives a child that will be born at Yule.
        The next full moon (a time of increased births) is called the Ostara and is sacred to Eostre the Saxon Lunar Goddess of fertility (from whence we get the word estrogen, whose two symbols were the egg and the rabbit. The Christian religion adopted these emblems for Easter which is celebrated on the first Sunday after the first full moon following the vernal equinox. The theme of the conception of the Goddess was adapted as the Feast of the Annunciation, occurring on the alternative fixed calendar date of March 25 Old Lady Day, the earlier date of the equinox. Lady Day may also refer to other goddesses (such as Venus and Aphrodite), many of whom have festivals celebrated at this time.
        Ostara is a fertility festival, and many of the symbols associated with this Sabbat are symbols of fertility. Spring is a time for Renewal and Rebirth, as well as Growth.
        This is an excellent time for personal growth, for mending old conflicts and ensuring the continued growth of treasured friendships. This is a great time of the year to start learning something new as well and taking advantage of skills already learned and becoming more adept at them.
        Legend of the Ostara Egg:
        The modern belief that eggs are delivered by a rabbit, comes from the legend of the Goddess Eostre. Eostre was walking one fine Spring day and came upon a beautiful little bird. The poor bird's wing was badly injured and Eostre, feeling great compassion for the little creature, wanted to heal it. But the little bird' wing was so badly damaged that Eostre knew it would never be able to fly again even after She healed it. So, Eostre decided to help the bird by healing it in a way that would give it mobility and a little something more… She turned it into a rabbit!
        During the transformation, the rabbit retained the ability to lay eggs. The rabbit was so grateful to Eostre for saving its life that it laid a sacred egg in Her honor, joyously decorated it and then humbly presented it to the Goddess. She was so pleased and so touched by the rabbit's thoughtful gift that She wished all humankind to share in her joy. In honoring her wishes, the rabbit went all over the world distributing these beautifully decorated little gifts of life and continues to do so even today.
Songs: Come Follow Me, Spring Equinox, Ostara, Lord of the Dance, Spring Strathspey, Prayer to Eostre, Eostre, Eostre’s Dance, Rabbit’s Song, I walk with the Goddess, The Goddess and the Weaver.
Activities: Start a Magical Herb Garden, Sowing Seeds, Talking a Nature Walk, Reflecting on Mother Nature and the Great Goddess, Get up Early to watch the Sun Rise, and to spot Venus in the Sky, Light a Candle/Bonfire at Dawn and Ring Bells, Spring Cleaning, Go Outside and Balance an Egg on its end, Egg Race, Fast/Detox (Only do this if you do not have any health issues and you talk to a doctor beforehand), Get a Haircut/Buy a New Outfit.
Foods: Eggs, Lamb, Leafy Green Vegetables, Cake, Ham, Dairy, Sunflower Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Nuts, Pine Nuts, Sprouts, Hot Cross Buns, Honey, Braided Egg Bread, Dandelion Greens, Spiced Wines, Fruits, Custard, Quiche, Honey cakes, Asparagus.
Crafts: Start a Window Herb Garden, Make Natural Dyes and Dye eggs, Have an Egg Hunt either using Homemade Dyed Eggs or Plastic ‘Easter’ Eggs, Give Packets of Seeds to Friends and Family, Make a Spring Flower Wreath, Weave a Basket, Make Pysanky and Krashanky (Magical amulets for fertility, protection, and prosperity), Bake Hot Cross Buns, Make Cascarones (Carefully hollow out an eggshell and let it dry. Then paint it and fill it with confetti and cover the hole. Then gently break the egg on your loved ones. As the confetti rains down over your loved ones they are blessed).
Colors: Light Green, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue, White, Lavender. 
Symbols: Hares/Rabbits, Lambs, Eggs (The shell is seen as the Universe, which surrounds us all, the white is the Goddess, the golden orb of its yolk represents the Sun God, and the whole is a symbol of rebirth), Spring Flowers/Lily, Hens/Chicks, Butterflies, Spring Birds, Nests/Baskets, Sun.
Stones: Jasper, Clear Quarts Crystal, Rose Quarts, Lapis Lazuli, Agate, Garnet, Amazonite.
Herbs: Spring Flowers, Woodruff, Jonquils, Gorse, Olive, Marjoram, Thyme, Lavender, Tarragon, Lovage, Lemon Balm, Oakmoss, Orrisroot, Sunflower Seeds, Rosehips, Oak, Elder, Willow, Acorn, Sage. 
Flowers: Daffodils, Violet, Iris, Peony, Lily of the Valley, Lavender, Lilac, Dogwood, Honeysuckle, Crocus, Tulip, Broom, Trefoil/Purple Clover.
Incense: Rose, Jasmine, Any Flower, Strawberry.
Gods: The Green Man, the Horned God, Osiris, Lord of the Greenwood, Cernunnos.  
Goddesses: Eostre, Ostara, the Green Goddess, Persephone, Aphrodite, Athena.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Symbols of Luck

With St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, I have been thinking about Four Leaf Clovers, Rainbows, and Coins, all of which are symbols of luck. It got me thinking about all the symbols of luck that are in the world, while some are universal; others are lucky in some areas and unlucky in others. This post is going to list symbols of luck and why they are believed to be lucky. Some of these are ones you have heard before, and probably hold as lucky symbols as well… while others you may have never heard of.

Good Luck Charm: An object or talisman believed to bring good luck.
Acorns:  The Vikings associated the Oak Tree with Thor. Because the Oak Tree attracted lighting, it was sacred to Thor, and the fruit of the oak was believed to be spared by the god’s wrath. So Vikings started putting an acorn in their window to spare their houses from lightning’s wrath. During the Norman Conquest, the English carried dried acorns to protect themselves from the brutalities of the day. Considered to be an emblem of luck, prosperity, youthfulness and power, the Acorn is a good luck symbol indeed! It also represents spiritual growth.
Alligator Teeth: Said to bring luck to gamblers in Africa.
Amber: Thought to be a bit of the sun and bringing good fortune. The Greeks called this Amber "elektron", which gave us our word of electricity, and its power to give off sparks when rubbed may be why many people have considered it a lucky charm. Both the Chinese and the Muslims burn amber as incense as a protection against evil spirits.
Ankh:  The Egyptian cross with the loop. This symbolizes eternal life, and Pharaohs were often seen carrying one. The gods are often seen holding an ankh to someone's lips, this is considered to be an offering of "The Breath of Life". The breath you will need in the afterlife.
Axe: The double blade axe is a symbol of power, and talismans shaped like an axe head were warn around the neck to bring success.
Bamboo: Getting a gift of bamboo is good luck. The more stalks a lucky bamboo plant has, the more luck it's supposed to bring. A plant with three stalks is said to bring happiness, wealth and longevity to the owners. But some plants have even more stalks, which are said to impart more kinds of luck.
Buddha:  The statue of Buddha is considered lucky, and rubbing the belly is said to give that person good luck.
Caduceus: Said to ward off sickness, quarrels, and bring peace in any situation, the caduceus has been a good luck symbol in Egypt, India and Ancient Greece. 
Cat’s Eye: Wards off the evil eye, ghosts, negative planetary influences, spirits, and will clear all obstacles so you may move ahead in life. Many believe it protects against financial losses. In India, it is common wisdom that if one carries a cat's-eye stone, fortune will never diminish.
Chimney Sweep: Said to be the ultimate bringer of Good Luck, Happiness, and Wealth. One legend from old England says that one day King George was riding his horse in a royal procession, when a dog suddenly ran from the crowd, barking and nipping at the King's horse. The horse reared, and to the horror of the crowd, almost threw the King! A lone figure, dressed in rags and filthy, stepped into the road, caught the horse's halter and calmed the animal; a chimney sweep had saved the King!
Circle: A sign of perfection, completeness, and wholeness, the circle is one of the oldest symbols of good fortune. 
Coins: ‘Find a Penny pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.’ Some even take the idea of luck to the other side of the coin, and believe that if the coin is face down that it's best to leave it on the ground. Luckiest of all, are Coins that are bent or have holes in them, especially if they turn up as change after making a purchase. The luck of such Coins is enhanced if they are carried in a left-hand pocket or worn around the neck. Keeping a jar of Pennies in the kitchen is good luck, A coin in a new purse or wallet will bring good luck and attract more,  Carrying a coin with your birth date on it is good luck, a coin minted on a Leap Year will bring good fortune (It’s a leap year so start collecting coins! Lol)
Crescent:  In ancient Egypt, the crescent moon was the symbol of Isis, the Mother of the Gods. As its symbolism spread throughout the world, it eventually became a symbol of paradise, when represented with a star. It is particularly significant in Islam.
Crickets: In parts of Asia the cricket served as a sort of watchdog. When danger was around the chirping of the crickets would stop and serve as a warning to anyone listening.  In the Far East as well as across Europe, it is considered very bad luck to kill a cricket, even by accident.
Cross:  Before the Christian era, the cross was a symbol of luck and religion for many centuries. In many Pagan religions the cross is a symbol of the tree of life.
Dice: Mostly considered lucky by gamblers, dice are used in games of chance, often times seen as fuzzy dice hanging on a car’s rear-view mirror.
Dragonflies: These insects symbolize purity, harmony, prosperity, courage, strength, and peace.
Dream Catcher:  A Native American symbol of good luck: When hung above the bead it is supposed to trap nightmares from reaching the sleeper.
Dolphins: For Christians and Native Americans, the Dolphin is a symbol of protection, and its image is said to bring good luck. The belief stems from the fact that ancient sailors who spent months or even years out of sight of land, found the sight of Dolphins swimming around their ships to be the first sign that land was near.
Eggs: A symbol of purity, fertility, and rebirth.  Whistle eggs and brown eggs are said to bring good luck and happiness.  Eggs are used in magical rituals to promote fertility and restore virility; to look into the future, to bring good weather, encourage the growth of crops and protect both cattle and children against misfortune, and ward off the evil eye.
Elephants: These magnificent creature symbolize overcoming death because they have such long lives.  They also symbolize power, wisdom, intelligence, loyalty, solitude and strength. Elephant figurines placed on shelves or by doorways are said to ensure longevity and luck.
Eyelash: when you find a stray eyelash, place it on your finger and make a wish before blowing it away.
Falling Star: When spotted, the ‘shooting star’ is said to grant a wish.
Frogs: Symbolizing wealth, prosperity, abundance, friendships, and fertility. Frog are also thought to speed up recovery from infections and disease, as well as find you true friends and lasting love. For the Romans, the Frog was a mascot believed to bring Good Luck to one's home.
Four Leaf Clover: Finding one of these rare clovers is said to bring that person good luck. There is a legend that when Eve left the Garden of Eden, she brought along a 4 leaf clover for good luck. As an ancient Irish symbol of luck the four leaves stand for "faith, hope, love, and luck."
Hand: In the Mediterranean charms in the shape of hands are powerful symbols of good luck. In many countries, but especially in Italy, the evil eye is thwarted with the so-called "devil's horn," the fist clenched with the index and little fingers outstretched.
Heart: Luck in Love. In Christianity, the heart is seen as a representation of love and wisdom. In Egypt, the heart is seen as the center of our psychic energy and were thought to have power over the influences of black magic. Islam sees the heart as the basis of thought.
Horn: The Horn of Plenty symbolizes future wealthy and prosperity, while animal horns are believed to have great power over the evil eye.
Horseshoe: A symbol of good luck, power over evil, fertility, and good fortune. in the upright position it symbolizes the moon, pointing downwards symbolizes the womb. The Horseshoe protects one's house and land, to keep strangers away, when hung up on the wall of a home or above a doorway. The "U" shape will hold good luck inside forever. "'Pointing Up" will gather your Luck, whereas "Pointing Down" it will shower you with Luck. Some people say that horseshoes are lucky because they were traditionally made of iron, which kept away mischievous fairies. Another legend says that Saint Dunstan, a blacksmith, nailed a horseshoe to the devil's foot, and received a guarantee that the devil would stay away from any house with a horseshoe on the door.
Key: A key given as a gift between lovers is considered a symbol of unlocking the door to the heart. It is believed that the giver will be lucky in love. The Greeks and Romans believed it represented the "Key of Life" and had the power to unlock the door through which prayers reached the gods. Among the Japanese, three keys tied together are considered a powerful lucky charm. They enable the wearer to unlock the doors that lead to love, health, and wealth. According to the Gypsies of Eastern Europe, a door key with a metal ring attached will ensure a good night's sleep, if it is hung upside down over the bed. It will also prevent nightmares.
Ladder:  Considered lucky symbols for centuries, the Ancient Egyptians placed them in their tombs to aid the souls to climb heavenward.
Ladybugs: The ladybug is the bringer of good luck and fortune, and it will free you from your day to day problems. Having a live Ladybug land on you will brighten your day, and lesson your burdens as well as illnesses. Killing a Ladybug is considered bad luck. If a Ladybug lands on the hand of a recently married woman, the number of dots on its back, is the number of children she will have. The number of spots on a Ladybug can also indicate the number of happy months that are ahead. And, folklore also suggests, if you catch a Ladybug in your home, count the number of spots, that's how many dollars you'll soon find.
Pigs: Symbolizing wealth, prosperity, good fortune, honesty, tolerance, diligence, initiative, and good luck. German’s have a saying “Schwein gehabt (had Pig)” which means “Good luck is at hand.”
Pot of Gold: Found at the end of the rainbow, a pot of gold is a good luck symbol for anyone who finds one. Also a good luck symbol because of the coins.
Rabbit’s Foot: A symbol of fertility as well as good luck. It is the hind leg of the rabbit that is used in the lucky rabbit’s foot charms. In Hoodoo tradition it is said that the left-hind foot of a rabbit that is captured in a cemetery at night, can ward off evil magic.
Rainbows: Rainbows are considered lucky because of the legend that says that if you dig at the end of a rainbow, you'll find a pot of gold. Rainbows are also seen after a storm, showing that the weather is getting better, and there is hope after the storm.
Red Bats: Thought to ward off evil, the Red Bat symbolizes a long life. Five red bats can also represent the "five good fortunes" of health, longevity, love, wealth and virtue.
Red Chinese Lanterns: In Chinese culture, Red lanterns are a symbol of good luck.
Sapphire: A symbol of good luck since ancient times, The Greeks believed wearing sapphire invited favor from the Gods. In India it is said to bring wealth and good health. It is also believed to protect virgins, repel evil, and repel spiders.
Scarabs: These beetles were considered good luck in Ancient Egypt. As a symbol of the rising sun and a protector from evil; the Scarab, is also a symbol of rebirth, regeneration and transformation.
Seven: The number 7 is considered lucky in many different cultures. There is also Christian significance for the number 7. Seven represents self-sacrifice and higher virtue. It appears repeatedly in Scripture in such things as the seven lamps of the temple, seven wise and seven foolish virgins, and Christ's feeding of the multitude with five loaves and two fishes. The early church taught that belief in God brings seven gifts: wisdom, understanding, honor, glory, blessings, strength, and godliness. It is believed that the seventh son of a seventh son has the power of healing and that the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter has the gift of interpreting dreams.
Skull: In some ancient cultures the skull was used to ward off evil influences and illness. It's philosophically viewed as the seat of intelligence, spirit and the spark of human life. Many primitive cultures believed wearing skulls would insure protection and well-being.
Star: The North Star or the Nautical start is a symbol of guidance and good luck, especially for sailors. There is also countless religious beliefs about the star. Legend claims this geometric symbol was designed by Pythagoras to represent perfection. It was also known as the Wizard's Star in the Middle Ages and was worn as an emblem on clothing to represent the mysteries of the Universe. The Lucky Star is such because in ancient times it was believed good fortunes were determined by the Stars.
Tigers: Protector against fires and theft, tigers are believed to be lucky in Chinese Astrology.
Triangle: Considered to be the strongest shape, it is used in constructing large buildings. Practitioners of ancient religions found mystical significance in the shape of a triangle and frequently fashioned charms and amulets in that shape.  It was perceived as representing the cycle of life -birth, maturity and death- and as such it stood for the harmony of humans with their gods. The Egyptians use the triangle in the shape of the pyramids (also a good luck symbol) The architects who designed them combined four triangles as a symbol of the coming together of the forces of earth and of heaven.
Turtles: Believed to have power over all kinds of dark/black magic, they are also said to be a link between heaven and earth. Turtles symbolize longevity and the hope for a long life.
Wheel: As a circle representing eternity, the wheel appears frequently as a lucky charm in many cultures. It symbolizes that bad luck passes and good luck rises, just as a wheel is turned.
Wishbone: Not only a symbol of good luck, the wishbone is also said to grant a wish to the person who gets the larger piece after two people pull on either end of the bone.
Wishing Well: Tossing a coin (another symbol of luck) into a wishing well is believed to grant you a wish. A custom observed all over the world, says that if you look for your reflection in the water and then make a wish after throwing a coin into it, the wish will be granted. The Wishing Well tradition is seen in the Disney movie ‘Snow White’.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Clearing Negative Energy

Negative energy can cloud both your mind and your home. This energy can cause all sorts of problems such as Depression, Moodiness/Anger, Health Problems/Illness, Stress/Anxiety, 'Bad Luck', Feeling Unbalanced, Loosing/Misplacing Objects, Trouble Breathing, Body Aches, Trouble Thinking Clearly, Sluggish/Low Energy, Low Self-Esteem, etc.
It is said by many that Poltergeists are caused by negative energy in the home. And some people experience poltergeist activity during very stressful or emotional times in their life. Unfortunately,  experiencing poltergeist activity and not knowing what it is can add to the stress that caused the problem in the first place. 

Have you ever cleaned out a closet, or dusted the whole house then felt lighter and happier? Or perhaps you were sick in bed for a few days, then you washed your sheets and took a long shower that made you feel so much better? That is because the act of cleaning helped dispel the old/negative energy that was trapped.
Once and a while I will find myself feeling down or having trouble thinking clearly for no reason. So I use some of the following tips to help clear my head and my home. In fact, Cleaning the house is a great way for me to clear my mind and sort through all my thoughts. Especially when I am upset about something.
  • Cleaning: Dusting the house is the easiest way to disperse the energy (Make sure you get into all the corners of every room. Then Sweep or Vacuum the floor really well) For those of you who do not like to clean, you should really give it a try at least once a month. Not only will it help you clear the stuck/old/negative energy, but it will make your living situation a lot nicer/easier/healthier.
  • Light Candles: Walk around the house with your candle and shine the light into every dark space in the house (Every corner or closet that natural light does not regularly touch). Make sure to be very careful that the flame does not touch any clothes or curtains. If you do not want to use a candle for safety reasons, Try the next step.
  • Natural Light/Air: On a nice day, open your windows wide and let in as much natural light and air as you can. Take a mirror and walk around the house angling the mirror so the light bounces off of it and into and dark corners.
  • Burn Incense: Using either a Sage Based Incense, or a Incense you really like the smell of, walk around the house wafting the smoke into corners and closets as you go to each room. (Do not burn incense if you have breathing problems, or you have children/pets in the house. Smoke can cause difficulty breathing in certain individuals.)
  • Bells: (This is my favorite). Take a bell or some chimes and walk around the house letting the joyful noise ring through the air. Make sure to get into all the corners of the house. I have finger symbols that I click together and pull apart to let the vibration sound resonate in the area of the room I am working in. This will work with whatever you have, including wind chimes, symbols, bells (I used to use an old Christmas tree decoration), gongs, or even a glass that you gently strike with a fork.
  • Salt/Blessed Water: Taking some salt or some Blessed Water and sprinkling it in every corner of a room, as well as under beds and in closets can help disperse negative energy. I do not suggest this if you have kids/pets who may drink or play with the water/salt. An alternative is to put the salt and water into a misting bottle and spritz it around the house.
  • Take a Long Bath/Shower: And make sure to lean your entire body, this is not supposed to be a quick jump in the shower to get clean, this is supposed to be a long relaxing cleansing ritual where you take special care cleansing your entire body. I find that using warm water to wash and cool water to rinse does the best job of cleansing and waking up the mind and body.
  • Exercise: Nothing is worse then sitting in the same spot for too long and your blood pools in your body making you achy or sluggish feeling. Moving your muscles is a great way to get your blood flowing and your lungs breathing fresh oxygen. Even if all you do is walk around the house a little, it will still make you feel better.
  • Spend some time in Nature: Taking a walk in the woods, or sitting in a garden, and letting nature surround you is a great way to clear negative thoughts and feelings. In the summer I like to take a walk every evening to clear my head and reconnect with nature after a hectic day filled with work, activities, and emotions.
Negative energy can come from a few different sources. Some can be from other people, or a bad situation, or a psychic attack, or pain/injury, And other negative energy is manifested inside you. It is normal to have both positive and negative energy, it's only a problem when it becomes unbalanced. Another thing that can cause excess negative energy is caused by demonic forces. *If you believe you have a demonic entity in your house or a demonic entity possessing you, please seek professional help from an exorcist, or a paranormal specialist.*

If you are constantly looking at things in a negative way, you could develop a self defeating "I can't" type of personality. Pessimism can also be damaging on a magickal/spiritual level [as well]. Thoughts are more powerful than most people realize. This is because thoughts generate energy. Enough concentrated negative thought can cause negative things to happen. That is why it is so important to be optimistic. If it looks as if something negative is going to happen, instead of dwelling on it, take measures to prevent it. Regarding magical practices, you must believe that you have the ability to manifest what you need. Otherwise, your negative thoughts can cancel out your efforts. 

Besides the tips above, there are other ways to prevent too much negative energy from invading your space, such as thinking/acting positively, smiling, and using a shield. Making sure you are shielded before you enter a potentially negative situation is the best way to prevent negative energy from sticking to you. But it can also be put on at any time. (If you always feel crappy/negative after work, or after having dinner with your family, then put a shield on before entering those situations. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or stressed out when at a party or in the grocery store, excuse yourself to the bathroom or your car, and place a shield on yourself.)

1. To make a shield you first have to breath deeply and relax trying to clear your mind as much as possible. 2. 2. Next, Envision a pure white light surrounding your entire body, and let it slowly form into a solid bubble or a shield.
3. Fix this white light/bubble in place in your mind, then take another deep breath.
4. Then when you are placed in a negative situation, envision all the black energy dissolving once it touches your shield, and don't let any of it penetrate the shield. 
5. If you are placing the shield on after you were already exposed to a negative situation, then while you are envisioning the light surrounding you in step 2, envision the black energy dissolving away as the white light comes into contact with it.
One of the best ways to remove negative energy is through various forms of meditation. 

1. Transcendental Meditation: The word “Transcendental” contains the word “Transcend” – and by using this form of meditation, a person really can transcend the negativity that tends to build up and feel overwhelming at times. In a nutshell, you sit or lie comfortably, and witness the world going by, with your eyes closed. You focus on your breathing, and you listen to the sounds of birds singing, ocean waves crashing, or the wind rustling in the trees – if you live in the city, you could listen to the swooshing of traffic passing beneath your window.
In Transcendental meditation, you prevent yourself from thinking any specific thoughts by using a sound or mantra to transport you back to the simple act of relaxed witness of the world you inhabit. When you’re using this form of meditation to remove negativity, try using the mantra “I am well” or “All is light” to keep moving positive feelings into your personal space. 
2. Walking Meditation: Walking meditation is an active form of meditating in which you focus on the action of walking as you walk. Doing this clears your mind and removes negative energy in a few ways. First, moving your muscles clears stagnant energy from your body – and secondly, as the act of physically exercising clears the toxins from your cells, the mental focus clears negative thoughts from your mind and makes room for new, more positive thinking.
Walking meditation is not difficult – in fact, it is one of the easiest forms of meditation and one of the best for beginners. Once you learn how to do it, you can take advantage of it anywhere – while moving from your car to the front entryway of your office, or on longer walks, out in nature.
Remember, negative energy can take hold at any time, and the longer you let it live within you, the harder it can be to eradicate. By being mindful of your own internal state of being, you can grab that negativity by the roots, just like a little weed in the garden, and remove it from your mind before it causes any real damage. The more you practice, the easier this will be! 

Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is your Favorite Natural Product?

Like most Wiccans/Pagans, I have a love affair with Natural Products. Natural Beauty Products, Natural Food, Natural Fabrics, Natural Cleaning Products, etc.
After all, many Wicca practitioners use natural products every day, such as Crystals, Wood, Salt, Water, etc.

The Essence of the NPA Natural Standard
The NPA natural standard is based on natural ingredients, safety, responsibility and sustainability.
  • Natural Ingredients: A product labeled "natural" should be made up of only, or at least almost only, natural ingredients and be manufactured with appropriate processes to maintain ingredient purity.
  • Safety: A product labeled "natural" should avoid any ingredient with a suspected human health risk.
  • Responsibility: A product labeled "natural" should use no animal testing in its development.
  • Sustainability: A product labeled "natural" should use biodegradable ingredients and the most environmentally sensitive packaging.
Under The Natural Standard for Personal Care Products, allowed ingredients come from or are made from a renewable resource found in nature (flora, fauna, mineral), with absolutely no petroleum compounds.
So, it should come as no surprise that I am a huge fan of Burt's Bees, and all their wonderful products that are natural, and wonderful, and very gentile on my sensitive skin.
I even had a 'Save the Bees' Birthday party a few years ago, and I featured products from Burt's Bees as well as all Natural whole foods that were pollinated by bees.
Anyway, this blog post is quickly becoming all about Burt's Bees... and there is good reason, because they inspired me to write this post.
This afternoon, I was making lunch when the mail came. I got a package from Burt's Bees! What a wonderful surprise.
A few weeks ago I participated in a Haiku writing on Burt's Bees Facebook, and they must have liked my Valentine's Burt's Bees poem because I got a package from them thanking me for participating. :)
 Inside the box was a gift bag filled with goodies. Natural goodies that I LOVE!
  • A Thank You Note
  • A Pomegranate T-Shirt (100% Organic Cotton)
  • Tinted Lip Balm (Hibiscus)
  • Replenishing Lip Balm (With Pomegranate)
  • Coconut Foot Cream
  • Peach & Willow-bark Scrub
  • Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream
My favorite part of the present is the 100% Cotton Shirt. I cannot wait to were it!  And my favorite Natural Product (so far) is the Burt's Bees Lip Balm. I love the peppermint smell, and the tingle on my lips, but my favorite part is the fact that it has 100% natural ingredients!
So, this amazingly wonderful present gave me to idea to ask what your favorite Natural Product is. It can be anything, from Food, to Cleaning Supplies, to Makeup, to Clothing.
What is your Favorite Natural Product and Why?