Friday, January 20, 2012

My First Tarot Set

I have been wanting to learn the Art of Tarot for a while now, but I have been looking at different sets and none of them called to me... so I never bought a set. I did find one set that I fell in love with, but at the time I did not have money for it, and then the store went out of business, and I haven't been able to find that set again...
But anyway, I decided to look once again, and I did find a set I was thinking about getting when all of a sudden it hit me 'I don't need to get the perfect set right now, all I need is a set to learn on, and then I can continue my journey to finding the perfect set'. So Here I am, I bought an inexpensive but very pretty Tarot kit with all the cards and an instruction booklet.
I took home the set and I made it my own. And my cat Sage, also made himself at home with the Tarot. He sniffed them, licked them, and laid on the cloth I set out for them. Maybe this was his way of blessing the cards...?
I sewed the Purple Pouch, and I cut the perfect length of Green material for the cards. And I tied it with a Purple Velvet cord I made with leftover material from the pouch.
 Here is the Booklet called The Art of Tarot. It's very pretty and easy to understand, I look forward to reading through it and learning everything I can about The Art Of Tarot.
 Sage was very interested in these cards... he was also very interested this morning while I was reading the steam from my cup of tea. Maybe he really is my familiar.
 Here is the set wrapped up in the green cloth with purple cord, the booklet and the Purple velvet bag I made.
 Sage loved the cloth I use for the cards.
 Fanned out
 Here they are all spread out
 Here are the different suits. From left to right, the Major Arcana (the 22 numbered cards), the Suit of Pentacles, the Suit of Swords, the Suit of Cups, the Suit of Wands.
 Sage really was interested in these cards.
Here it is all wrapped up and protected. Some of you may be wondering why I used Green material instead of black or dark purple... well for one thing Green and Purple are my favorite colors, and I feel a strong connection to both of those colors. I already had purple material for the bag and the cord, but I wanted some green as well, and since I had some extra Green material hanging around I thought it was perfect.
Sometimes when you are doing Magic you have to do what feels right to you and not what someone else said/wrote you should do. Magic works differently for everyone, so I tend to follow my instincts more then I follow written spells. In fact that is the same way I cook, I look at a recipe then I change it and do my own things, and it hasn't failed me yet, so I will continue to do so.

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