Monday, August 6, 2012

Martian Triangle & the Magic of Wishes

I took a long walk tonight, and just as I was getting home (at 9pm) I happened to be looking at the night sky and saw a beautiful and bright triangle. I could tell part of the triangle was the planet Mars, but I did not know what the other two were.
I made a wish (like I always do when I see bright stars and planets in the night sky) and I went inside to look up what it was I saw.
Apparently this is called the Martian Triangle, and it is made up of the Planets Mars and Saturn, and Spica the Brightest Star of Virgo's Constellation. I wish I had known more about this because I would have done research and figured out what kind of magic could be preformed.

One thing I like to do when I see a bright star or a planet in the night sky is make a wish.
You might know the childhood rhyme:

I have said this rhyme since my mother taught me many many years ago. I have found that many of the wishes I made on stars have come true, so I continue to say the rhyme and make my wish to this very day.
Although in more recent years I have turned my wish into more of a prayer, and I thank the Goddess and the God after I make my wish.

Wishes are a type of magic that has to do with intent. When you make a wish you are sending out the energy into the universe, and that energy starts a domino effect that can help make your wish come true.
Although, what you wished for might not come to you in the form you expect. You need to be open with your wishes because if you are too specific about what you are wishing for, you will be expecting only one outcome. Then when your wish doesn't come true you think it didn't work. But what really happened was that you expected a certain outcome and were not open the other ways your wish could have been granted.
Also, you need to be careful with what you wish for. If you wish something with negative intent, that negative energy will come back to you times three.

I apologize if this post seems rambling or jumbled, it wasn't thought out because it was last minute.

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