Friday, March 30, 2012

Moving On To A Better Life

I was watching a video on YouTube that I would like to share with you all. Even if you are not Wiccan or do not believe in Magic, I urge you all to watch this video and really pay attention. CharmingPixieFlora has a lot to say about moving on from bad situations and finding a better/happier life. And not playing the victim.
The beginning of the video may be a little confusing for non-pagans because she is talking about light and dark magic, but it's the underlying message I want you all to hear. The message of not running away from your problems because they will follow you. You have to face your problems and work through them in order to move on from them and leave it all behind.
Please Watch:
If that video didn't change you in the slightest bit, then please watch it again and pay attention.
Thank you all and have a wonderful day!
Blessed Be!


  1. I DID listen to the whole thing. She had good messages, but to be honest, this isn't a format I can really properly take in. It was REALLY difficult for me to just keep listening to her talk about stuff like that for so long. I can focus on reading easier, so I don't think I was in the right frame to take it all in. It sounded really good, though; thanks for sharing! >.<

    1. If I find something similar written down I will do another post.