Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Seshat Goddess Star Giveaway

There is a new give away that I stumbled across. It's a gorgeous ornament from Beauty Watcher. I found this give away on Confession of a Pagan Soccer Mom's Blog.

This is the beautiful ornament that you could win by following the link above and doing the requirements.
Here's the description on the blog:  
        This decorative star, like others at Mairyann's Etsy shop, measures 3.5 inches and hangs from a black ribbon. The edges are finished in copper, front and back  and is finished in beautiful rhinestone, bead and glitter touches.
        The goddess featured on this particular star is Seshat, the female aspect of the god, Thoth.  A scribe to the Pharoah, Seshat is known as the "Mistress to the house of books", and looks over not only the library of the Gods, but also earthly libraries.  In her hands she holds a palm branch to bless the Pharaoh's reign with many years.

I don't know about you, but I would LOVE to win this ornament (I really want to give it to someone special for Christmas!)
Check it out!

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