Friday, September 9, 2011

Making Wreaths Part 2

 The grapevine wreaths I made and blogged about here are finally dry. Well actually they finished drying a few days ago, but I have been so busy that I haven't had a chance to do anything with them until today.
The vines shrank a little, and I realized I should have wrapped the vines a little tighter when I made them, but I am still happy with how they came out.
And now comes the really fun part.... Decorating them!
I wrapped mine in ribbons that matched the color scheme of my partner and my handfasting. I have red, purple, and silver ribbons leftover from decorating the broom (post to come soon), so I used those for the wreaths.
I started with the large wreath, and I wrapped the red ribbon around it and tied it with a bow...
Then I did the same thing with the silver ribbon, and tied that bow a third of the way around the wreath. The I finished it off with the purple ribbon, also tying the bow so that it would be a third of the way around the wreath. I left the purple ribbon longer so that it would flow down decoratively.
I'm happy with how it came out, but I wish I had some dried flowers or silk flowers that I could have added as well.

With the Smaller wreath, I just tied three bows using the rest of the ribbon. I made a loop of silver ribbon at the top for hanging the wreath. I used some hot glue to make the loop. I left ample space on this wreath, and I think I might add to it later when I get more materials.
Here are the two finished wreaths!
Sorry the picture is so bright, I had to use the flash on my camera so you could actually see the picture. Anyway, I hung the wreaths up so you could see how they looked.
I hope you like them. If I add any more decorations to the wreaths I will update them in a new post.


  1. PRETTY! Also, in a way, it's good doing them loose, you can fit more flowers and stuff into them more easily if you do that kind of wreath. There's definitely a specific section ON grape vine wreaths in the book I lent you. (Though I doubt you'll have time to look at it for a while; lol!) But I love how these came out! They're super pretty/cute!

  2. Oh my goddesses. They're AMAZING! I still can't believe you MADE those...

  3. Thank you Julie, Yes, I don't think I'll be able to look through the book until October...
    Kellie! I Love you, Thank you. I'm pretty amazed with the wreaths too. It's the first time I've made them before.