Friday, July 6, 2012

Planting an Elemental Garden

If you haven't already planted an Elemental Garden, Summer is a great time to do it.
An Elemental Garden is a garden devoted to the Four (sometimes 5 if you include Spirit. This blog will be talking about only 4 elements though) Elements, and having an elemental garden is useful to anyone who works with the elements, or to anyone who likes the beauty and spirituality of them. By connecting different parts of your garden with the four elements, you can add a little bit of magic into your life each year.
It's a great place for you to go out and spend some time communing with the Gods and Goddesses, or doing some spellwork that may need an extra elemental boost.

Some people may prefer to plant their elemental garden in the early spring because that is the traditional time to start gardening, but summer is also a great time because the earth is warm and fertile, and it's easier to dig. The plants are already in full bloom so you can plant something and not have to wait for it to grow in order to start using your elemental garden. Also, it is a nice activity to do outdoors during summer vacation.
You need to figure out where you want your elemental garden to go. Look around the space you have and determine where you want it to be and how big. Ideally, the Elemental Garden should be a circle, but I think you should go with whatever feels right for you. This is your garden, and you should make it with your needs in mind.

Mark off the space (and shape) you want your garden to be in and start tilling the soil until you have a nice soft space to work with.

Using a compass, figure out what direction is North, then start dividing your garden in fourths (so that each direction has it's own section) marking the cross sections with rocks or decorative garden tiles.
The next thing you need to do is figure out what plants or herbs you want to plant to represent each element. Each direction is associated with an element. Earth/North, Air/East, Fire/South, Water/West.
You should go with your heart with what you want to grow in each section, but here are some Examples I found online: Earth is associated with stability and security. Why not plant some herbs there that carry the same associations? Bryony, Cinquefoil, Honeysuckle, and Pennyroyal are all related to earth.
For the east section of your garden, which is tied into the themes of air, use plants connected with inspiration, wisdom and knowledge. Sage, Marjoram, Mugwort and members of the Mint family are perfect for this quarter of the circle. In the south, select plants related to the passionate qualities of fire, such as Basil, Betony, Rosemary, and Rue. Finally, the west quadrant is where your water-related plants should go -- Hyssop, Yarrow, Chamomile and Ivy will do well in this section.
Again, you should go with what feels right for you to grow since it is your garden and you will be the one working in it.
Also, leaving a space in the center of your garden that you can stand or sit inside may be a good idea if you want to use this garden to help you with your spell-work or if you want to be able to sit and reflect or relax or speak to your deities...

While you plant your garden you may what to offer a blessing or a prayer to each plant. Or thank the earth and mother nature as you plant your garden. After all, planting a garden is a magical act in itself. When you are all done planting, you may want to burn some sage and smudge the space to help purify it.
Now that your garden is planted, you may want to add some decorations to help personalize it. A few ideas include:
  • Statues of the gods of your tradition
  • A gazing ball
  • A fountain or other water feature
  • A fire bowl
  • A small altar
  • A bench or chair for meditation
  • Wind chimes or bells
  • A prayer pole or decorative flag
Decorating your garden is entirely up to you, but it may be a good idea to add a symbol or something to represent each element.
If you do not have the space for a garden, you can still do something similar using potted plants. Even in limited space apartments you could have a small potted plant and a symbol for each element, and when you want to sit in your Elemental Garden you could set up the plants in the correct direction and sit in the middle of it. It may not be ideal, but it's a great idea for someone in a temporary housing situation or someone living in an apartment and can not plant a garden.

Now that you have some ideas I hope you go out and enjoy your own Elemental Garden!   


  1. O.o We really need to do this. That would be SO awesome. =( I want a bigger garden.

    1. Yes, I want to have a bigger garden and be able to plant a nice elemental garden with a water fountain, and statues, and a bench, etc. I love you so much!

  2. Your website is a gorgeous place to come for educative info! Do you mind if I make a trackback of several of your blog posts on my own site?

    1. Thank you so much. As long as you post a link to my website and let people know where you got the information from, I am happy that you are interested in sharing my blog posts.

  3. May I share your link on my FB page? This is spectacular, and it's just the type of elemental garden my pagan friends and I have been looking to build. Bless you!--Lilith

    1. Yes, you're welcome to share the link! Thank you for asking!
      Blessed Be

    2. Yes, you're welcome to share the link! Thank you for asking!
      Blessed Be