Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Element of Fire


The element of Fire:
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Zodiac Signs: Leo, Sagittarius, Aries
Planets: Sun, Mars
Time of Life:  Youth and Adolescence
Time of Day: Noon
Days of the Week:  Sunday, Tuesday
Associations: Action, The Will, Passion, Sex, Anger, Desire, Energy, Work, Purification, Destruction, Strength, Protection, Consuming, Motivation, Sexuality, Health, Will Power, Change, Courage, Love
Goddesses:  Brigid, Chantico, Fornax, Gabija, Hestia, Nantosuelta, Oynyena, Pele, Vesta,
Gods: Adranus, Agni, Gerra, Gibil, Grannus, Hephaestus, Kagutsuchi, Kōjin, Kresnik, Nusku, Sethlans, Tatewari, Verbti, Vulcan, Xiuhtecuhtli, Zhu Rong
Magical Power: To will
Magical Tools: Athame, Sword, Candle, Flame, Scourge, Wand, Staff
Types of Magic: Banishing, Exorcism, Purification, Tantra, Sex, Empowering, Protection, Success, Fire Divination, Candle Magic, Rituals to the Sun, Fire Scrying, Candle Gazing
Colors: Deep Yellows, Reds, Oranges, Golds
Musical Instruments: Violins, Guitars, Lyres, Harps,
Animals: Lizards, Snakes, Lions
Mythological: Salamanders, Dragons, Phoenix
Trees: Thorn, Holly, Oak
Herbs: Basil, Cinnamon, Garlic
Native Plants: Spanish Dagger, Oaks, Juniper, Sunflower, Chiletepin 
Stones: Amber, Bloodstone, Carnelian, Citrine, Diamond, Garnet, Ruby, Tiger's Eye
Metals: Brass, Gold, Steel
Chakras: Solar Plexus
 The Alchemy Symbol for Fire

Positive Characteristics of the Fire Element:
Energetic, Enthusiastic, Courageous, Daring, Faithful, Passionate, Lust, Sexual Frenzy, Virility, Initiates Action, Provides Motivation, Drives Completion, Fast Acting, Transformation.

Negative Characteristics of the Fire Element:
Stubborn, Greedy, Jealous, Angry, Resentful, Aggression, Reckless Behavior, Lack of Interest, Egotistic, Excessive Self-Centeredness, Self- Importance, Stress, Nervous, Tension,  Violence, Burn-out, Dominating, Apathy, Boredom, Inferiority, Laziness, Lack of Energy.

       Fire is a very fast acting and sometime all-consuming element. Fire element's nature is to change the 
structure of whatever it touches into new state of being. With the element of fire one must take precautions 
when working with its very nature. 
       It represents the life force glowing within us. This element projects self-expression, creativity, courage 
and enthusiasm. Feel the comforting warmth of a fire, or heat when you come in from the cold. We need fire 
to meet the basic need of cooking our food. Fire provides a sense of security, warmth and t inspiration that 
is shared with those around. Fire strengthens self-confidence to tackle problems without hesitation.   
Without fire, there is no radiance, no conviction, no expression.


  1. YAY!!!! You did it! Love it!!!! I am SO fire. And without you (Air), I can't live. ^_^

  2. Informative! ^_^ *Inhaled post* ...I wanna curl up in front of a fire now...

  3. I love you so much Kellie!!!!
    I want to sit in front of a fire again too Julie. It was so nice at Castle in the Clouds.