Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Element of Air

The element of Air:
Affirmation: "So Mote it Be"
Direction: East
Season: Spring
Zodiac Signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
Planets: Neptune, Mercury
Time of Life: Childhood
Time of Day: Dawn
Days of the Week: Wednesday 
Associations: Thought, Communication, Travel, Intellect, Abstract Thinking, Teaching, Divination, Freedom, Joy, Laughter, Beginnings, Imagination, Language, Truth, Knowledge, Ideas, Creativity, Soul, Breath of Life
Goddesses: Bride, Hepit, An, Aide, Hera, Hathor, Mut, Nut, Anu, Arianrhod
Gods: Zeus, Shu, Enlil, Aether, Stribog, Amun, Anhur, Khepera
Magical Power: To know
Magical Tools: Wand, Staff, Athame, Sword, Incense, Feather, Pen, Broom, Scourge
Types of Magic: Study, Visualization, Divination, Finding Lost Objects, Astral travel, Telepathy, Travel, Communication, Meditation
Colors: Yellow, Light Yellows, Sky Blue, Light Blues, Pastels, White, Light Greens (colors as translucent as air)
Musical Instruments: Flutes, Recorders, Panpipes, Oboes, Tin Whistles, French Horns, Wind Chimes
Animals: Birds, Flying Insects
Mythological: Gryphons, Gremlins, Pegasus
Trees: Aspen, Alder, Birch
Herbs: Anise, Lavender, Lemongrass
Native Plants: Mistletoe, Ball Moss, Cedar Elm, Acacia, Mimosa  
Stones: Mica, Pumice, Fluorite
Metals: Aluminum, Tin
Chakras: Heart, Throat, 3rd Eye
The Alchemy Symbol for Air

Positive Characteristics of the Air Element:
Joyful, humorous, communicative, intelligent, intuitive, diligent, kind, social, helpful, flexibility (with thinking), wonderful storytellers, analytical, intellectual, great conversationalists.

Negative Characteristics of the Air Element:
Gossipy, boastful, spendthrift, untruthful, selfish, fickle, inattentive, confusion, headaches, miscommunication, lack of emotion, depression, overactive mind, cold, superficial, vicious, insensitive to other people's emotions.

Air elements provide the very process by which we think, rationalize, and hold our memories. The air element can aid our ability to express ourselves and enable the clarification of the process. When making decisions utilize air to provide focus and reason. 
Air is also the element of New Beginnings. The direction East is where the sun Rises, bringing with it a new day and hope of new beginnings. Every morning we start fresh and we have new opportunities to learn and grow and we have a new chance to celebrate life.
The Element of Air is associated with Spring, also about new beginnings. Think of how cold and dead winter is, but spring brings with it new life and opportunities. Nature bursts forth with new life, baby animals are born and take their first breaths and first steps. Seemingly dead branches burst with delicate light green buds that will soon become leaves and flowers. I think you get the picture. :)

I am a Gemini and an Air Sign. I am talkative, thoughtful, intuitive, analytical, creative, logical, flexible with my thinking, hopeful, and I look for new opportunities and new beginnings. I love to research new topics, and I'll chatter on and on about my thoughts and beliefs (as long as I feel safe and welcome... or else I will be quiet and shy). I fully believe that every day is a new day and a new beginning, and a new chance to make things right in your life.
I love to sing and create, and I love reading and planning. I also have times of confusion, or coldness, as well as depression. The key is to stay balanced, and when I feel myself becoming unbalanced it is important for me to stop and step back. I need to look at my life and see the areas where I am unbalanced or being illogical. Mediation and deep breathing exercises are very helpful for me when I am unbalanced.